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New journal [07 Sep 2003|08:40pm]
New Journal. Last on I promise lol. remove vibrancy; comment,add me and I'll add you back. I'm cleaning the friends list out so if you reply, i'll add you. =D
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[07 Sep 2003|09:12am]
I might be getting a new journal soon so stay tuned. It's been a hectic week and weekend because of school. But you know me, I always put in some room for shopping. I ordered some clothes from the internet because I was so busy doing term papers till I didn't even leave the house this weekend. I think that me and Kia are going to the movies next weekend to finally see Jeepers Creepers 2. We both wanted to see it this weekend but homework had us both tied down so next weekend it is.

Start commenting people because it seems as if im talking to myself and that's not good.
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Aw :( [21 Aug 2003|06:47pm]
[ mood | awake ]

I don't really know this girl Samantha but I went to her site and she said her mom died yesterday morning. That's so sad. I know how it feels to lose someone. But I can't imagine how it feels to lose a mother. ::tear::

I saw Making The Band last night. I'm so glad Sara and Chopper are friends again. Poor girl was going through some hard times but I like Chopp too. I like all of them, they're funny to me. Finally when I think that they are all getting along and heading to the top, I see the preview for the next episode and Chopper and Dylan are fighting. Fred and Ness just got through fighting about two episodes ago and now here they are. I can't wait till that one airs.

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wtf? [21 Aug 2003|04:23pm]
I want to know what the hell is Christina Aguilera doing on 106 & park? :/
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changing major [19 Aug 2003|06:07pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Eh, I really want to change majors man. I'm starting to hate theatre. I love it but then I hate it. I want to major in Fashion Design and create my own clothing clothing line. [sigh] I don't know what to do. I browsed our site's section on fashion and it seems pretty interesting. I'll have to check on that.

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[16 Aug 2003|05:50pm]
See how weak I am? [sigh]

Ok, I closed it again. I don't want it anymore =*(
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Friday Five [15 Aug 2003|04:23pm]
1. How much time do you spend online each day?
Used to be alot but now with me in college and working, not much. But the weekends, im on.

2. What is your browser homepage set to?

3. Do you use any instant messaging programs? If so, which one(s)?
AIM. I used to have yahoo and i still do but i never get on that.

4. Where was your first webpage located?
Geocities. Here's the link matter of fact http://geocitites.com/laracroft123456

5. How long have you had your current website?
Which one? lol.
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Hooked [14 Aug 2003|03:27pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Making The Band 2 has really got me hooked. I watched it last night for the first time since the last season and I really love this season. Fred and Ness kept fighting so much until it was annoying. They fought three times. Fred won twice and Ness one the last one I think. It was funny though. Diddy took it easier than I thought. I really like him on there because he is straight real with them, even though he knows as well as I know he ain't had to do none of this when he was working on becoming a celeb. They finally got their name. They are Da Band. That's dumb as hell but whatever,lol.

I can't wait till next weeks' episode. Sara and Chopper are going to be getting into it all the time and Chopper supposingly hangs up on Sara's husband. She gets pissed. Calls her husband back and say send her plane tickets because she's coming home. She needs to leave anyway, all she do is sing and you don't need a singer for a rap group. They showed her leaving the house slamming the door behind her. That's going to be interesting.

Many Pluggies for http://livejournal.com/~v1ntage aka DQ http://livejournal.com/~v1ntage aka DQ http://livejournal.com/~v1ntage aka DQ http://livejournal.com/~v1ntage aka DQhttp://livejournal.com/~v1ntage aka DQ http://livejournal.com/~v1ntage aka DQhttp://livejournal.com/~v1ntage aka DQ http://livejournal.com/~v1ntage aka DQ

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=*( [11 Aug 2003|03:51pm]
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Back back [10 Aug 2003|05:17pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I'm back from vacation. I had a really great time. I didn't want to leave,lol. I would tell all about the trip but I really don't feel like typing. [sigh] Back to school tomorrow. College is probably going to be pure hell this semester. I also have to work too sometimes and I probably won't have much time to sign on and update thats one of the reasons I'm thinking of closing my domain and Reveal. I don't know. I want to go back on vacation. I got some verdy verdy pretty clothes. I'll see if i can find them on the net.

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*cheers* [06 Aug 2003|06:42pm]
Hot damn! Sammie finally got a gr00vy journal.
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last time till who knows when? [06 Aug 2003|03:57pm]
[ mood | calm ]

This might be the last time I blog until like late next week or something. I won't be able to be on long enough to blog tomorrow because I work early tomorrow and get off at five and then at 5:30pm I go to the beauty salon. Friday morning we're leaving to go to Atlant for the weekend and then Monday (the 11th) my semester starts back so I won't have much time to be on the net anymore. Bye!

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>:( [05 Aug 2003|12:21pm]
[ mood | angry ]

I'm highly pissed. You know why? Because I just made a kick ass layout for Reveal in Adobe and my stupid power went out. I know I won't be able to make the layout like the first time. Ugh, I'll have to start saving my stuff while making.

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Bad weather over... [04 Aug 2003|08:02pm]
Finally out power is back on. We just had some really bad weather. Don't know where it came from. I wasn't warned or anything because I haven't had my television on all day lol. I can't wait till Friday to get the hell out of Savannah for a few days. I probably won't be blogging or updating anything until like late next week because Friday we're leaving for Atlanta and we're staying until Sunday evening. Then after that I'll probably try and rest because on Monday, it's back to college again >:( I didn't notice but even the grade school students start back on Monday,lol. I'm still working and all so I'll probably have like almost no time for the net or AIM or anything but I'll get on whenever I can. Now that the power is back on, I can go and cook something to eat,lol.You didn't notice, I also made this livejournal public again. I meant to tell you guys about how good of a time I had on my birthday. I just copied and pasted from ventage,lol.

My birthdayCollapse )
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New Journal [15 Jul 2003|08:21pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Yep, got a new one. This one is friends only, sorry. Add me, comment, and I'll Add you back.

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